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User Group for Laser Interference Biometry

ULIB - the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry - has emerged from EULIB - the European User Group for Laser Interference Biometry- on the occasion of the 2001 meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) in San Diego, CA, USA, April 28 - May 02, 2001. By changing our name we are paying tribute to the fact that our group has grown over its European birthplace and has evolved into a global community with colleagues from all over the world.

EULIB has been founded in October 1999. It is an independent interest group of scientists and users, working in the field of optical biometry or applying this technique or simply being interested in this fascinating new method and its potential benefits. The group is open to everyone sharing the same background and interests.
ULIB is intended to serve as a platform to exchange information, news, ideas, results, FAQs etc related to optical biometry and its clinical applications.
One of ULIB's special concerns is the optimization of lens constants for the calculation of intraocular implant lenses. Due to the fact that - out of a number of reasons - an optically measured axial length is different from the measurement result obtained with ultrasound, IOL constants like e.g. the A constant or ACD constant etc. will in general fail to give good results when used in optical biometry. Therefore, an individual optimization for a given intraocular lens type is necessary. This can be done on the basis of pre- and postop clinical data. A spreadsheet form in MS Excel format which can be downloaded from this site has been designed to accept this data.The results obtained from processing this data are published here thus providing maximum benefit to all ULIB members.

Since, for the last decade, only one optical biometry instrument (IOLMaster by Carl Zeiss Meditec, Jena: English link, German link), has been commercially available, results so far are mainly related to this instrument. However, as data obtained with other equipment becomes available, ULIB will also extend its support to competitive instruments and measurement set-ups.

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